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Celebrate our 80th Anniversiary this Sunday, February 20th.   

A group of 50 Lutheran adults and 16 children met in Speedway on September 21, 1941, and incorporated as St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church on February 22, 1942. Over the next 80 years, we have met in the Speedway Theater, the Speedway Town Hall, and in three church buildings in Speedway. 

At our church service on February 20, 2022, we will celebrate St. Andrew’s 80 th anniversary with displays
in the narthex and with a video after the church service highlighting our history, our ministries, and the
many people who been a part of our congregation over the years.

Please join us for in-person worship and celebration at 9 a.m., February 2022. The service and video will
also be available on-line.

Guided by the Spirit, for 80 years we have shared the love of Jesus and walked
with our community.

Thanks be to God!