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Have you ever heard the term "All hands on deck?" It's a Navy term that captains used to bring the entire crew up to the main deck. It was in times of need, or an approaching storm.
I want to urge all of you to join me each Sunday "all hands on deck" to the sanctuary! We will all enjoy the Lord together when we are all together in worship! (Perhaps you also move up and sit closer together, but that's another message for another time, lol).
I know life happens, schedules happen but let's all covenant to be at worship every Sunday. And also for the Wednesday's of Lent because we are a family of faith. 
Right now, at this time in our life together, we need to all be together. Our financial giving is always important to the life we have in faith! And, with God, we can "do all things through Christ our Lord who gives us strength!"
(Phil. 4:13).
1) Join us tonight, Ash Wednesday services, 6 soup supper and 7 Worship 
2) Lent has begun! Lent is Latin for the "lengthening of days" and marks our journey this Spring toward the Cross and resurrection at Easter. Devotional booklets are on the table in narthex/lobby!
3) Faith has their Food pantry this Saturday 9-11. If you would like to come and help, or see the operation you would be welcomed!
Pastor Doug