Midweek Moment

It's not really stewardship.

Did you know that stewardship really means someone who manages an area of life, a ministry, etc? We are good stewards of many, many things. Oftentimes in the church, the steward revolves around money. While this is true, this is only one facet. We are also stewards of our time and talents. God wants us to break free of the pressure of time. He wants us to use our talents within in our church and community.

Don't forget! We will meet this Saturday, October 9, at 9:30am in person or on Zoom to hear from Pastor Jerry O'Neal, Director of Stewardship for the IK Synod.

Questions to ponder:

  •  What do you steward or manage in your life?
  • Are you praying about how you can give to the church?
  • Do you take the time to manage your time and prioritize time with God?
  • How do you use your talents to share the love of Jesus and walk with your community?