John 15:9-17
How are you doing today?

Happy Mother’s Day!

May God bless all Mom’s with us today with grace and love always. Today we have a lovely carnation for all ladies with us in the hope that you will know how special you are. I hope and pray that all of us can treasure beautiful memories of our Moms in Heaven. We miss them and pray.

My Mother, in her latter days, would always return my “I love you” with “I loved you first!” And, she’s right! She had 9 months no one else had to begin to love me. I know for some of us, the maternal memories may hold a lot of pain. This is a good time to forgive and let go and seek the maternal love of God.

God loved us first! Today in our Gospel lesson Jesus is teaching that if we obey the commandments taught us, we will love one another. Sadly, our human condition gets in the way as we might know that not all mothers are loving and caring. But, friends, the Good News on this Mother’s Day is that God loved our moms first, just as God loves us all first, last and always in Jesus. And all God’s people said, “Amen!”


This Sunday’s image of the life the risen Christ shares with us is the image of friendship. We are called to serve others as Jesus came to serve; but for John’s gospel, the image of servanthood is too hierarchical, too distant, to capture the essence of life with Christ. Friendship captures the love, the joy, the deep mutuality of the relationship into which Christ invites us. The Greeks believed that true friends are willing to die for each other. This is the mutual love of Christian community commanded by Christ and enabled by the Spirit.

Please note that we had some sound issues with our portable microphone during worship today. You may notice that during Holy Communion it is difficult to hear. We are so sorry about this!

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