Matthew 22:15-22
Heaven's Platform

Jesus is again confronted by the rulers of the day trying to entrap him in how he responds to a question about taxes. They ask "Is it lawful to pay taxes to the Emperor?" Jesus knew their hearts and answered that, indeed, we should pay taxes and also give to God what belongs to God. Whenever we come to God with questions, God knows our hearts as well and we can take joy in that knowledge. 

First Thessalonians introduces us to another of Paul's letters to churches he founded. This one invites us to remember God who is steadfast, and put all of our hope in Jesus. Paul references that we are all called, called to share the Good News, called to love one another and more.  

All around us, friends, life is chaotic and a whirlwind of information impacts our daily living. Let the information of the Gospel impact at a deeper level. Jesus knows your heart and it is good. Let's stay "steadfast" in our hope in Jesus!! 

Pastor Doug


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