Matthew 18:21-35
First Called

We gather this Sunday, September 13th, around Word (Bible readings, sermon) and Sacrament (Baptism or Holy Communion) together as a family of faith. This week Jesus offers us a teaching and helpful reminder on forgiveness. We easily toss this word around in the church and in our daily lives.  

We hear the word almost every Sunday as we thank God for the forgiveness of our sin in parts of the liturgy. Today Jesus teaches with the use of a parable (a story with a hidden meaning) by talking about a king who forgives the debt of a man in the city. This man, in turn, refuses to forgive someone who owes him money and then is condemned. It is just like all of us today in receiving the forgiveness of God, and then refusing to forgive ourselves or others  

We aren't condemned, but only loved and urged to receive grace upon grace for ourselves. And, once we realize how forgiven we are, we can then forgive others. This is the Pentecost season and we pray for the Holy Spirit to move among us to help us forgive ourselves and others all the while being open to receiving forgiveness ourselves. Let us rejoice today that we have been forgiven from sin and loved more than we know. 

May we all experience a blessed worship service, Pr. Doug