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Opportunity to Support our Troops

The above ship is the Carl Vinson.  My son, Aaron Messner, is deployed for eight months on this ship with 15 young men under him.  I would like to show our support to these brave young men by taking up a collection at church for care packages.  I will mail all items donated.  Please drop off items at church in the designated box by Oct. 30, 2021. 

Here are the items he has requested in his words

We always need snacks:

  • sunflower seeds
  • nuts
  • trail mix
  • beef jerky

Please note: No chocolate or easily melted stuff.

Also, we have waffles in our shop every Sunday if we have time. If you want to send something awesome then send us Protein “Kodiak cakes” waffle mix and syrup. That is our moral booster. UPDATE: WE HAVE RECEIVED PLENTY WAFFLE MIX AND SYRUP.

Rose Jones