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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dear St. Andrew’s,

Have you heard of Black Friday? Maybe Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday? Following these super shopper holidays is Giving Tuesday. This particular day falls the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is a day to bring attention to causes, to remind us that our giving of gifts can be to something truly special. To learn more about this national day go here:

This year, we have decided to participate in Giving Tuesday. We will be raising funds to help us support our community. More specifically, we want to see how much we can raise on Giving Tuesday to help us give gifts to the families of Wheeler Elementary as well as the families from our Laundry and Friends ministry who are in need of assistance this Christmas.

As you may know, Wheeler Elementary has a high rate of children receiving free and reduced lunch as well as a high rate of families who just need a little extra help. We partner with the school a few times a year to help these families have fresh food for breaks. For Christmas, we have identified 3 families who we could impact. 

We have also identified 2 families from our Laundry and Friends ministry. This ministry meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month to provide laundry soap, money for the washers and dryers, and fellowship to those who come to 25th Street Coin Laundry in Speedway. These are families who bring their clothes here on a routine basis because they do not have access to laundry facilities where they live. We are able to bless these families twice a month by providing funds and supplies for clean clothes.

So how can you help provide for these 5 families? You simply need to go to this link to give: Tip: Make sure beside the word “to” you see “Wheeler Family Christmas”. This will ensure the money is designated to this meaningful ministry and opportunity to give back to our community.

You can also mail donations to church or put them in the offering plate on Sunday:
P.O. Box 24106
Speedway, IN 46224-0106

Thank you for participating in Giving Tuesday and for your generosity in helping these families!
The Stewardship Team