As you remember, last month on March 19 (seems like a long time ago) we had a congregational meeting which many of you attended. We had a Power point presentation entitled St. Andrew's Trends and Opportunities after which we broke into small groups around the tables and gave input as it came to our minds in 4 specific categories: Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Concerns

Based on information from that meeting the Council had a retreat yesterday morning. We spent our time discussing each individual category and the feedback in each category that we received from those March 19 small group discussions.

So now, after our discussions yesterday and based on the information from the congregational meeting on March 19, we, the Council, have determined our next step.

This is where some of you come in. We need 2-5 members of the congregation, who are NOT on the Council, to work with the Council members on a Task Force to formulate recommendations regarding how St. Andrew's should move forward. . . Remembering that ANY recommendations are ONLY recommendations until they are presented the congregation and voted on by the congregation.

The Council is not going to hand pick the 2 to 5 people we need for the Task Force. But before you ALL volunteer, let me just say that as you consider it, I need for you to be able to commit time for at least 2 meetings for approximately 2 hours each to work with the Council.
The plan is to have a recommendation ready to present to the congregation as soon as possible and definitely by the end of July.

IF you are interested in being one of those 2-5 people, talk to me after church today. If you are not sure, go home and pray about it. Be open to the Holy Spirit leading you to be a part of this process. Then let me know. I need to have names by May 14 - two weeks from today.

As I close, I know that this may all sound unnerving or unsettling or even scary, but I want you to remember what God told Joshua in the first chapter of the book of Joshua.
"I will not leave you or forget you. . . be strong and brave. Don't be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you every where you go."
And that is true for us as well. God IS with us and He will NOT leave us alone in our future here at St. Andrew's.

Thank you. 

Jan Smith and the Church Council