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The Avon Rotary Club is starting a book drive to collect books for the library at the Plainfield Correctional Facility.  They are in the process of expanding their library, and we want to help fill it up!  No categories of books are off limit.  If the prison receives a book that they determine is not suitable it will be excluded, but this is not expected.  They believe that any and all reading of books is a valuable habit to cultivate and will benefit these prisoners throughout their lives.

You will notice a red & black plastic (waterproof) storage container outside and to the side of our front church entrance.  Any books you wish to donate can be placed in that container.  Phil Langholz will collect the books every couple of days.

If anyone wishes to place a collection box at their business, they can just let Phil know.  The box in front of our church is outside so it needed to be plastic, but cardboard boxes are fine in most situations.  You can either print some signs (one is downloadable below) and tape them to a cardboard box they have or Phil can provide cardboard boxes and signs.  Any books collected can be transferred to the red & black container at the church, or if a larger number of books is involved Phil can meet you at church.

If you have any questions at all please email or call Phil with any questions.