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EXCITING UPDATE - A family has agreed to match teh first $3,000 contributed to the AC Units and the Building Improvement Fund (BIF)!!  Please contribute!! 


We have 2 air conditioners, which are original equipment from when we built the building in 1990, that need to be replaced.  These units cool the offices, lounge and library.  This expenditure will be paid out of the Building Improvement Fund.  The cost to replace these units is $17,888.  However, currently the fund is short by about $4132.  If we are able to raise that amount, $4,132, this expense will deplete our BIF account to zero.  Therefore we are hoping to raise half of the cost of the expense, about $9,000, in order to leave a decent balance in the BIF account.  As a side note, recently we purchased new lights for Fellowship Hall, out of the BIF account.  We know with a building that is over 30 years old, just like our homes, we will have more expenses.  

Can you help?  If you are able and can make any  donation, it will help us reach  our goal.  A one time gift or a gift given over time, will be helpful.  Donations may be made through online or by writing a check.  Please be sure that you  clearly  mark it for this expense.

We always rise to the occasion.  We can do this!  

Thank you!