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In 1947 our sister congregation in Shared Ministry began on the westside of Indianapolis. Now, 75 years later, Faith Lutheran celebrates their anniversary with a congregational pitch in event after services this Sunday. St. Andrews celebrates 80 years this year as well, thanks be to God.
There are always a great "parade" of people that have passed through the congregations over time. These are names anyone would recognize and give thanks to God. Many of these names are still part of our family of faith today and some have gone on to glory, like Vivian Sexton for example! 
Over at Faith, names like Westwick (Lori Becker's family, some of you have met Lori), Seimers, and Boyds set the roots that the congregation built on over the years. This great work continues with the parade of folks now attending! In addition, in a congregational meeting this past Sunday, Faith approved the sale of (up to) 25 acres of their property for a Christian school to build. If everything goes well with the city, and engineering, groundbreaking may begin in the spring. On top of that, a huge subdivision, Town Hall and shopping district is going in across the street from Faith. In a few years, that whole area around the church will have changed. Please keep Faith in your prayers as they celebrate 75 years and the new purchase of some of their land. This, no doubt, will allow for building on and hoped for growth going forward. 
1) Your Church Council meets to do the business of the church this Thursday evening! Please pray for us always and ask any questions, concerns, or anything else:  Jan Smith, Jennifer Baker, Suzy Henschen, Mark Hollman, Michael Steurer, Mary Lee Long.
2) Faith Lutheran Food Pantry, this Saturday, 9-11 a.m., volunteers/observers (curious??) invited. Two weeks ago, there were 51 cars that went thru representing 178 people
3) Adult Christian Education, in person Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in library, Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7, Faith Formation also on Zoom on Sunday nights at 7. All three are "come as you are" meaning you do not have to have read ahead of time   or studied anything. Come and join us, grow in the faith and grow in relationships with others. This is what we are all about in Christ!