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During this time of respite, I have been binge watching my favorite TV Show "The Office!" I've talked about this tremendous show on and off in various ways. This time around, I notice the feeling of being in an office environment together. The camaraderie among the employees, the support they give one another, and the chief leader, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carel). Michael, as the Manager of the office, consistently loves the "family" environment he tries to set up and live into in The Office TV show. 
From the beginning of my ministry among us, I have used this same analogy. We are a "family" of faith, as we serve the Lord together in our respective settings. We love one another, we forgive, and we love again. And anyone entering our "office" gets that same love and grace shown to them. It doesn't matter if it's their first Sunday or 50th. Let us renew our life together and love and serve each other, and the community. 
1) Installation, May 22nd, 10 a.m., at Hendricks County Fairgrounds. Located at 1900 E. Main St., Danville, 46122. You can park in the main lot and go in door 6. It's near the entrance to the Expo Hall where we are located and there are restrooms and places to hang a jacket all around. We will have greeters and supports/ushers there as well. If you are connected to a member who used to formally attend, welcome them to attend. Family and friends are welcomed. 
2) St. Andrews Clothes Closet open this Saturday, new hours of 10-2 begin. If you have someone you know in any type of need, invite them to come by the church. Likewise, if you have clean, usable clothes to donate drop off at the church, (I can take as well from Faith).
3) Reception to honor Jan Smith will take place after services this Sunday, May 15th.
Join your family of faith as we congratulate Jan on her Commissioning as a Stephen Minister April 24th! Light refreshments will be served! 
To God be the Glory, 
Pastor Doug