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Monday, October 18, 2021

Jeanne Wall will be laid to rest this Wednesday at an 11 a.m. service at St. Andrew’s Lutheran. Jeanne, 90, told her family that it was important to her that her service be at the church, the church she loved and enjoyed as a long time member. I just found that very touching. 

Her church family meant so much to her she wanted her life celebrated within her walls. It's an impressive event when you think about it. The majority of people don't have a church home. How do I know? I've asked them. It was a frequent part of my patient care as a Chaplain. I found in my unofficial survey, the vast majority of patients I saw in four different hospitals in small towns and large, did not have a church home. Of those, many used to but got away from it. Or, they had a disagreement over something and left. Most people around Speedway and Avon do not have a church home. Any statistics that you review will prove that point.  

It's up to us to invite people to come and make our church their "church home!" Like any home (ideally in God's plan) love prevails, and forgiveness and joy are always present. Ministries to the outside world exist. Meals are shared, good times, fun times, times with children and youth all exist as God calls people to come and make their church home with us.   

There is another Jeanne Wall out there, who will love us so much that she/he will want to celebrate their life with us. 

God's Peace, 
Pr. Doug


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