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Monday, July 19, 2021

Good day:

What makes any congregation strong is the service and work of the people. I am so excited St. Andrew’s has a strong body of believers that gets things done. We always welcome new people in our various ministries as you know. I am aware that our First Lady of Music, Beverly Bailey, has pulled together people (not all the same people, different ones) to deep clean and organize the church and the classrooms. 

Gary Henschen works tirelessly on the building property alongside Dave Butts, John Charlesworth, and Gordon Keller to make sure the yard and grounds look good. We are getting spruced up for the Installation on Sept. 26th, Lord willing, and Jan Smith is leading a team from both churches to organize (among other things she is doing) the event. As a congregation, we are rising up to serve the Lord in our new reopening. 

While how and what we do may shift over these changing times, we continue to come together as a family of faith to serve the Lord. And it is good. For all that serve and didn't get mentioned here, I love and appreciate you all. I am thrilled to lead the way toward new life in Christ, in our building, out of our building, and on out into the community.

Rejoice and be glad, friends; it is good to be the church, as God makes all things NEW! (Isaiah 43).  

God's Peace be with you, 


  • Worship time is 9am.
  • Recorded worship available on website, Facebook, & email Sunday afternoons.
  • Office Hours 10-4, T-W-TH.
  • Midweek Moment Wednesdays 12pm.
  • Communion Kits can be picked up at the church office.